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Long known for their eclectic mix of cover songs — ranging from obscure ’60s garage rock to late ’70s punk and power pop — members of the Silverteens have been mainstays on the local scene since the 1970s and ’80s.


They include:


Guitarist Terry Isachsen, a familiar face on the Minneapolis scene, also plays with the Flamin’ Oh’s, Lolo’s Ghost, and many others. Isachsen’s band Nip and Tuck gigged regularly in the 1970s at Minneapolis’ legendary New Wave nightclub, Jay’s Longhorn.


Bassist and backing vocalist Steve Olson was a member of 1980s Laughing Stock, a post-punk band fronted by vocalist Jim Walsh that often played at Minneapolis’ 7th St. Entry and First Avenue. Olson also is currently a member of the Minneapolis band Hot Pastrami!


Drummer and backing vocalist Jerry Johnson played bass and drums in several Minneapolis bands in the 1980s through the 2000s, including Mezzo Fist, No Apparent Reason, Pushpause, Splat, Helen Killer, and Evaporated Family.


Vocalist Mark Engebretson performed at Jay’s Longhorn in the late ’70s with the MORs and at the 7th St. Entry/First Avenue with The Whole Lotta Loves in the 1980s. Engebretson was the director of the 2019 documentary film, “Jay’s Longhorn.” For more information, please contact Mark Engebretson at or 612-483-4235.

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